5 Health benefits of eating Olives

Health benefits of olives and olive oil

There are so many reasons to snack on olives, not only because they are delicious but they are really good for you too! We have highlighted 5 key health benefits that Olives bring.

  1. Olives are rich in Antioxidants.
  2. High in Calcium, iron and Copper.
  3. Vitamin E is found in Olives that helps protect our cells from damage caused by things called ‘free-radicals’
  4. Protecting your Heart Health. This is one of the most important health benefits of olives.
    A good friend of mine works in Cardiology at our local Hospital and she actually says they recommend Olives as part of a healthy diet to their patients!

    5. We use Rapeseed oil in our olive blends, not any old rapeseed Oil Bell and Loxton which is a local product which we love and was the first local ingredient to be used in our olives. 
    We prefer the taste of the rapeseed oil and it’s actually so much better than regular oils, it contains less than half the saturated fat with roughly 3 x the Vitamin E content too! 
    We love that we are also supporting another small local business too. 
5 health benefits of eating olives
High in calcium, iron and copper
High in Vitamin E
Protecting Heart Health
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Bell and Loxton oils

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