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Taste of the West - Online retailer Awards

This was our first year entering into the Taste of the West awards in the hope for our olives to become Award winning olives which they have! We decided to enter our 4 best selling flavours – 
Classic blend
Rosemary and Garlic
Hand Stuffed Garlic 
Lemon and Tarragon 

As well as the product awards, we decided we would enter our website/online shop to be judged too.

Our website was judged first and we found out in April that we won GOLD in the online retailer awards, with really positive feedback on our website design and online ordering.
Lots of different aspects of the website were judged and we’d love to share some of the feedback with you. We are so thrilled as there has been alot of hours and hardwork that has gone into every part of ‘West Country Olives’ and as a collective we are very excited where we can go with this totally awesome olive brand!

A massive thanks to Will Price who is behind the website design, shop and every all of the online experience via the website.
As well as being our website and design whizz, Will also does freelance work checkout his website if you are looking for someone to help you out – he is exceptionally good! Website link below –

Below are some snap shots of the feedback we received.


“The website included good quality images of all the products to clearly show customers what they look like which was accompanied by detailed product descriptions giving customers plenty of information on products for sale.”


“The business clearly has a passion for local sourcing / promotes local suppliers. One cannot expect olives to be grown in the Southwest, but the company is clearly Southwest based and uses other Southwest producers in their products e.g., Bell & Loxton Rapeseed Oil, which was delightful to see. “


” I found it easy and straightforward to add products to the shopping basket and proceed through to checkout, it was great that the website allowed for products to be added and removed from the basket easily.

When checking out it was clear which products I was purchasing and what the cost of each product was, the delivery cost (free!) was also made clear on the website. “


” The overall website design looked great and was very user-friendly.

Their website worked well on desktop, mobile and on a tablet and I was able to purchase from any device.

The load time of the website is good, it loaded very quickly with no noticeable lag or delay for the images. “


” An email receipt arrived within two minutes of placing the order, and by 9.40 am the next morning a I had received a confirmation email. The box was delivered by Royal Mail 48 hours after ordering. “


” The website clearly gives a phone number, email address and postal address for the shop, and meets the legal requirements of showing the registered company address, company number and VAT number. “

Award winning olives - Tsste of the west awards

Product Awards

In May we had the news we had also won GOLD for all 4 flavours in the product awards too, we haven’t received feedback yet this takes a few months but it confirms for us that our flavours taste great and are good enough to win food awards!
It definitely makes it feel like all the hardwork has paid off, which is a great feeling.

We have now got our Gold stickers which are ready to be stuck pride of place on each packet of award winning olives, keep an eye out for them.

Don’t forget you can purchase our olives via our website shop

Ebay, amazon and alot of farmshops and local convenience stores across the South West stock a range of our olives. The full list of stockists is on our website –
Our next blog post is actually going to be abit more about where you can buy our olives, so look out for that one. 


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