Green olives with Garlic


Currently in our flavour range we have got 3 types of Green olives with garlic, of which 2 are now award winners!
Hand-Stuffed Garlic and Rosemary & Garlic
Hand-Stuffed Garlic has actually won 2 awards since we launched not yet 2 years ago, Great Taste 2021 and Taste of the West 2022. 

We are planning to put Garlic and Chilli in for some awards next year as we have added North Devon Chilli flakes into the ingredients. This flavour is always very popular and so we hope this can be recognised for an award especially with the added ingredient of the North Devon Chilli Flakes.


Green Olives with Garlic

Garlic & Chilli

Mammoth pitted green Halkidiki olives with diced pickled garlic, chilli flakes (which is now from North Devon Chilli’s),  herbs and Bell and Loxton rapeseed oil.
we have recently done our first batch of garlic and chilli olives with the inclusion of these chilli flakes, and they are tasting great still a subtle hint of chilli but this flavour isn’t one we are wanting to make particularly spicy just bringing the awesome flavour combo of garlic and chilli together. 

Hand-Stuffed Garlic

Award winning Mammoth pitted green Halkidiki olives stuffed with garlic cloves and minced pickled garlic, finished with a coating of Bell and Loxton rapeseed oil.

now having won 2 awards, winning 1 gold star in the guild fine foods taste awards last year, which was the first awards we entered since launching west country olives and then this year we have also been awarded gold in the taste of the west product awards.
we couldn’t be happier with the recognition so far for these totally moreish, best selling olives.

Rosemary & Garlic

Mammoth Green Halkidiki Garlic Olives mixed with a sprinkling of rosemary and some minced garlic, finished with a little lemon juice and a coating of Bell and Loxton rapeseed oil.

So if you love green olives with garlic then you need to try our range of Garlic olives, on our online shop we have 13 flavours to choose from and the more olives you buy the more you save! 


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