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Lets talk Packaging

For us we didn’t get it right first time but with some tweaks we are finally there now. 

We have always had a vision of what we wanted the olive packaging to look like, but it’s funny how until you see it in the flesh as opposed to a design on a computer how different it can actually be!

We are currently moving all of our packaging onto our third and hopefully final design, after a few changes from the second design.

Changes we have made

There are a few key differences between the second and third packaging

  1. The window on the front of the packaging which was opaque is now completely transparent meaning you can see the delicious olives you are purchasing.
  2. We have changed the label on the front which now fits neatly across the bottom of the packaging, we have continued with using different colours for each flavour and we are really pleased with these labels. They really stand out, look great when put together and the colours are so vibrant which I love as it really fits in with the whole origin of Olives being from the Sunny Mediterranean.
  3. We have added a Bell and loxton sticker to the back of all the packaging, Bell and Loxton was the first local ingredient and the main component we add to most of our olives for that extra special touch.
  4. We have changed the text, there was actually a spelling mistake on our very first packaging which we couldn’t believe! So we now make sure to take extra time and get multiple people to proof read anything before going to print. Again it was all so new, we learn from our mistakes especially in business and thankfully we had very quickly decided to change the first packaging. 
  5. Will our very creative designer also added the really modern and eye catching design on the back of the olives, showing in pictures our process for preparing our olives. We really like how visual this is and catches your eye more than too many words.

    We always value feedback, if you ever have any feedback on our packaging and designs please let us know we would love to hear from you. 

    Drop us an email or leave us a comment at the bottom of this page. 


West Country Olive Triple Packs
1st Packaging
2nd Packaging
3rd Packaging

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