Where can I buy olives?


So, Where Can I Buy Olives?

Where can I buy olives? That’s A question a lot of people may ask themselves but in reality, the most important question they should be asking is ‘Where can I buy West Country Olives? ‘ 

There are many options for getting your hands on West Country olives, including online via our website, ebay, amazon and lots of Farm shops, deli’s and local convenience stores across the South West.

Wholesale - Retail

Our Wholesale distributor for our Olives is Orchardlea Foods, a long standing, successful Family Run food business based on Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter. 
Trading for over 25 years, with a huge focus on local producers from across the South West, specialising in Cheese, meats, dairy, savoury pastries and more.
This is also where our base is and where we produce and package our delicious olives every week.

We are still under 2 years of launching the olives and we are very pleased that a very high percentage buy and stock our olives now which is exactly what we were hoping for.

Pictured below is a selection of photos from some of our Customers who stock our 175g retail packs. 

On our website we have got a section with a map of the South West and marked with an olive with all of our stockists. There could be somewhere near you! Click here to find your closest olives. If you’re not in the South West, fear not, you can still purchase our olives from anywhere in the UK, but you’ll need to keep reading to find out how.

If you own or run a Farm shop, Deli or local convenience store and don’t currently stock Olives or would like to try ours please do get in touch we’d love to hear from you. 
We are always happy to send samples for you try first.

West Country Olives Online Shop

We are constantly changing and amending our website ensuring it is running smoothly and the best it can be. 
The most recent change we have made is our pricing structure, we were seeing lots of larger quantities being ordered and the only way of receiving discount was by ordering packs of 3. So we evaluated our costs and pricing and have now added discount when you purchase up to 10 packs.
The more you buy the more you save! Check out our shop section for more details.

Ebay and Amazon

Our olives are also available to purchase on both Ebay and Amazon

So there are many places to purchase West Country Olives, if you have bought any of our olives recently and were pleased with your purchase if you have 5 minutes spare and could leave us a google review it would be much appreciated. 


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