Easy Greek Pizza Recipe – 5 Ingredients


Ooni Pizza Oven

We have had fun experimenting with different pizza toppings, this is one of the easiest and tastiest pizza recipes we have made so far so we thought we would share it with you. 

I got Liam (my husband) a Ooni pizza oven for his birthday in December, not quite the weather yet but we have used it quite a few times. We even did Christmas pizzas on Boxing Day, which included pigs in blankets using the best sausages from WF Chinn’s in Crediton. 

We have been trying both frozen pizza dough and making our own. I got Liam some frozen ready made sourdough balls also from Ooni, we have just about mastered the thawing times and dough preparation (thanks to some very helpful videos on youtube!)
We have also been making our own pizza dough too and then freezing any leftover. It is really easy to make, just requires proofing time.

We are learning every time we use our pizza oven and especially with toppings, you can always put more toppings on than you think. 

We are still getting to grips with getting the timings right, if you start to shape and put toppings on too soon it becomes sticky and hard to move, meaning getting it onto the pizza paddle is very difficult! 

So we are trying to get abit quicker with it all (easier said than done with 2 young Daughter’s around who are desperate to eat the pizza!) 

5 Ingredients

For our most recent pizza we went abit greek, so here it is our easy greek pizza recipe – 

1. Home made tomato base – we usually use a recipe online and adapt it slightly but again tomato sauce for pizza is really easy we tend to make a double batch and then freeze some. 

The BBC good food tomato sauce recipe is excellent, a real ‘everything in the store cupboard’ kind of recipe!

2. West Country Olives kalamata olives 

3. Parma Ham from our sister wholesale food Company Orchardlea Foods

4. Sundried tomatoes also from our sister company Orchardlea Foods

5. Delicious ‘Fetish’ from Whitelake Cheese in Shepton Mallet, their take on the greek style cheese using sheep’s milk and matured in brine for 3 -4 months.

If you are pizza making this Easter Weekend, give us a tag on social we’d love to see your photos – link below to our social pages. 

If you need some kalamata olives to add to your pizza topping, then head over to our shop to order yours today…. https://www.westcountryolives.co.uk/product/kalamata-olives/

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