Vegan Moroccan Casserole

In the first of our recipe blogs we have adapted this delicious Delia Smith recipe to make it a Vegan casserole instead.

The recipe is just the same but simply without the chicken, just add the chicken in if you are looking to make this a meat version. 

Packed full of veggies such as peppers, onions and chickpeas this makes for a real hearty and comforting dish. 

We used our Classic blend olives in this recipe, giving a really good blend of flavour.
This was our personal preference to use the Kalamata rather than the Moroccan black but they would definitely work really well adding that extra bit of salt to the dish.

We also recommend using the Alder Vineyard Madeleine Angevine which also pairs really nicely as a drinking wine alongside this recipe.

The recipe is below and photo taken from a very well used and loved Delia Smith recipe book!

Keep an eye out for some more recipes and if you have got any to share with us, email them over to us

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